We build cross platform games

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Imagine games that work on any device. Build once, deploy everywhere.

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  • Leveraging HTML5 Technology

    We're exports when it comes to figuring out HTML5. We're able to adapt to the latest set of technologies to build compelling games.

  • Custom solutions for clients

    We've completed over 200 projects in 2 years. Clients include Disney, Budlight, Coca Cola, Amazon and AT&T.

  • Teamwork comes first

    We work in small and efficient teams. We believe individual magic, combined with teamwork will take us above and beyond.


Our games fit into any form factor. Our games work on iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Windows Phones, Mac, Windows and more


We're in the games business and understand that design matters. Our design ideas are sourced from all around the world


Our games have been played millions of times, and distributed over all continents

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